"I have 8 kids and 4 adults living in my household. It's not easy to feed everyone, which is why I'm so grateful to the whole Golden Manna team who were able to help us out! Thank you so much from me and my family!"

Talia Knowles

"Absolutely AMAZING! So grateful to be able to provide in a time of uncertainty we are a family of 10 - service is awesome and accurate"

Tash Hudson

"Wow I am so overwhelmed by the amount of items my $100 got me. I am single and now I feel very spoilt. I was able to share some with my flatmate and pay it forward on a few items and still have ample to do me a really long time. Products are good quality, just as if I would have bought them elsewhere. Being single I've never had so much food in my house. I recommend you give Golden manna a go. I sure will be, now my grocery list for this month has 2 items on it they didn't have". 

Louise Rogers